About Us

Our team is based out of Tennessee with an array of different business, engineering, and marketing degrees. We came together wanting to collaborate on a product that could actually contribute to the better good of society. Our inspiration essentially stemmed from the overuse of plastic consumption. An ongoing issue that we all agreed we would like to see improvement on. We’ve also seen the issue with smokers losing lighters. We looked at LitGrip as a two-birds-one-stone product. Helping you always have a light on you while cutting back on the extra plastic for the environment. 
If we told you that more than 1.5 billion disposable lighters end up in landfills every year would you believe us? Those are the numbers, while also ending up in the bellies of wildlife. If we could invent a product that solves an everyday problem for smokers and help save wildlife, then why NOT?
It’s 2020, disposable lighters are out, and LitGrip is the perfect alternative for your plastic lighters. We understand that convenience is key which is why we made LitGrip... the last lighter that you’ll ever need.
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